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1. Using lithium batteries as energy storage power supply, using inverters to convert DC to AC.

2. Emergency function. In emergency situations such as blackouts, it plays an emergency role, while satisfying the use of AC and DC.

3. Small size and light weight. Easy to carry and use.

4. Safety. High quality and high security, to provide consumers with safe and reliable energy.

5. High conversion rate. High conversion rate leads to long continuous use, which solves the pain point of short use time of ordinary power supply.

6. Appearance and color: conform to young people's aesthetic habits, make a unified, streamlined. The colour is rich and colorful. Customize with personalization.

7. Functional interface. We will provide more interfaces: AC and municipal electricity, USB, TYPE-C, DC, cigarette

T101,100W protable power station
T102,100W protable power station
T201,250W protable power station
T103,100W protable power station
T202,200W protable power station
T300,300W protable power station
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